About EVO

The Pilot Environmental Virtual Observatory, EVO, is a proof of concept project to develop new cloud-based applications for accessing, interrogating, modelling and visualising environmental data. By developing local and national scale exemplars, EVO is demonstrating how cloud technologies can make environmental monitoring and decision making more efficient, effective and transparent to the whole community.

Aims of EVO

EVO is working to make environmental data more visible to a wide range of users, to provide examples of tools, models and data visualisation services, and to enable added-value knowledge from public and private sector data assets to help tackle environmental challenges.

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Programme of Activities

EVO is active in a range of areas, including; development of cyber-infrastucture for the environmental cloud, trialing novel environmental modelling web services, developing exemplar services at the local- and national-scales, and contributing to international environmental cloud initiatives.

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Project Team & Stakeholders

Information technologists and environmental scientist from 13 of the UK’s leading research centres are working with project stakeholders from UK government, environmental regulatory bodies and industry. EVO is also part of a range of global partnerships developing common standards for environmental cloud computing.

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How the Project is Funded

EVO is a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded research programme. NERC’s research programmes provide strategically directed environmental research and related knowledge exchange for the UK.

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