EVO International Conference, London 16 May 2012

Harnessing Emerging Technologies for Environmental Science, Royal Geographical Society, London, 16th May 2012

EVO held an international conference to explore how new information technologies, and in particular the cloud, can be best used in the environmental sector. International speakers included those from the EU, UK Government, the IT industry, and the academic and research sector.

Conference Programme

View the final Conference Programme here.

Who participated?

The meeting was attended by researchers, policymakers and consultants from the environmental science community who have an interest in working with each other and the IT sector.

New technologies will require new standards, new ways of working, and groups from disparate disciplines coming together. The conference addressed the following questions:

  • How can advances in IT help to solve or ameliorate major environmental issues?
  • What are the practical barriers hindering and the opportunities to encourage integration between IT, research and user communities?
  • What approaches, individuals and institutions appear to constitute the cutting edge of this IT – environment integration?

The conference was being supported by five learned societies