Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, the use of more than one computer across the internet to provide web-based services, is a rapidly growing technology. It is enabling an ever increasing range of web services for businesses and the public. But what is cloud computing, and what are the benefits of using it to address environmental problems?

What is cloud computing?

In cloud computing, computation and associated data are not in a specified location, but take place in different parts of the cloud at different times depending on availability of computing resources. What are the advantages of this technology?

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Why use the cloud for environmental problems?

Environmental problems can be complex. The cloud offers new opportunities for significant improvements in how environmental data and models can be used to address environmental questions.

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Examples of current cloud applications

Cloud services have been developed to help address important societal questions related to areas such as the medical sciences, IT, and oceanography. How has cloud computing contributed to advances in understanding in such areas?

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Challenges for EVOp

EVOp is addressing a range of issues, including: data management, access, and security; data standards; improving methods for visualising data and models, and enabling interaction between diverse users and environmental models in the cloud.

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