EVO Cloud Services & Portals

Based on recent developments in environmental informatics, EVO is developing a range of cloud services and portals to demonstrate how cloud technology can be used to address environmental issues. These include a variety of data services, examples of web-enabled environmental models, and a suite of on-line local community tools. Some of the services and tools are available through this site.

Data access, analysis and visualisation

Environmental data typically comes from disparate sources, is available at over a range of scales and different resolutions, and usually is associated with a variety of data standards. EVO is providing services that enable environmental data and model results wherever they comes from to be accessed, analyzed and visualized in a consistent manner.

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Environmental models

EVO modelling systems help users to choose from a variety of modeling options, and select from a range of environmental data sources to model specific environmental questions. The exemplar being developed focuses on identifying the most significant hydrological and biogeochemical processes that control flow and water quality in catchments across the UK.

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Local community tools

EVO is committed to developing tools that help local communities join in with and understand better the consequences of decisions related to land management. Three local exemplars are being used to create a Landscape Learning and Visualisation Tool, demonstrating how cloud services can improve communication and decision making at a local level.

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Get involved

EVO is actively seeking collaboration and partnerships with environmental regulators and researchers, the public, and businesses with an interest in improving how environmental data and models can be used to make better decisions.

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