Data Analysis & Visualisation

Many people use Cloud services to visualise environmental data on a daily basis, often without realising, for example, when browsing weather forecast on the web. EVO recognises the potential significance such cloud-enabled services and is working to develop exemplars to demonstrate their usefulness in relation to environmental questions.

The ability to search through complex environmental data sets, perform data analysis tasks and visualise raw data or visualise the output from environmental models has until recently been almost exclusively the preserve of the research scientist. However, web-based tools and services, many developed using Cloud technologies, are increasingly appearing. Such services enable users to interact more effectively with data and produce bespoke visualisations of data and information.

Because EVO has recognised the potential of cloud-enabled data search, analysis and visualistion services applied to environmental issues, we are working to develop exemplars of intuitive, easy-to-use applications that enable users to gain more understanding and better insights from environmental data.