EVO & Cloud Technologies

The Cloud Technologies work package is providing the cyber infrastructure for the EVO Project.

The work package is providing the cloud technology that is enabling the environmental scientists with the EVO to integrate data from a variety of information sources (including disparate data sets, sensor data and models) at different granularities and scales. It is providing them with both interoperability between a range of web services and encouraging the flow from data to knowledge to policy settings.

Important activities within the work package include:

  • exploration of the benefits of various cloud architectures for EVO following the pilot phase
  • development of an experimental middleware platform demonstrating the validity of cloud technologies for environmental research
  • exploration of issues related to delivering semantic interoperability of resources with associated exemplar data services,
  • delivery of a functioning portal for EVO Project

The task is being led by Prof Gordon Blair and Gwyn Rees. Please contact them to find out more about these EVO activities.

Prof Gordon Blair
Computing Department, Lancaster University
E-mail: gordon@comp.lancs.ac.uk

Mr Gwyn Rees
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford
E-mail: hgrees@ceh.ac.uk