EVO Modelling in the Cloud

The Modelling work package is developing a series of exemplar environmental models as web services. The aim of the work package is to demonstrate, through the use of exemplars, the benefits of running environmental models, such as hydrological models, in a cloud environment.

The Modelling work package is developing working prototypes of flexible and interactive modelling components as web based services that implement or simulate recent developments in environmental informatics.  It is developing and testing procedures of model selection, model combination and visualisation of model outputs within an using case studies at the local and national scale.

These models and data visualisation services are being developed in collaboration with the Local Landscape and National work packages.

The Modelling work package is being led Dr Wouter Buytaert. Please contact him if you would like to know more about this area of activity with in EVO.

Dr Wouter Buytaert
Imperial College London
E-mail: w.buytaert@imperial.ac.uk