EVO International

The aim of the International work package is to ensure that the work of EVO is fully integrated with other relevant international initiatives and to raise awareness both of EVO and the benefits of cloud technology for environmental sciences.

This work package aims to establish and enhance collaborations with other similar international initiatives and to provide awareness and dissemination of EVO activities and current technologies. In particular, this work package is ensuring that appropriate global linkages are being made with institutions to set standards for exchanging environmental data sets and model interoperability.

The goal of this work package is to illustrate to an international community what a virtual observatory may offer to environmental sciences and to introduce the synthesis efforts of the EVO to the international (scientific and end user) community. In collaboration with other existing networks, the work package aims to coordinate a learning framework from existing international communities / initiatives about which cyber-infrastructurestrategies are successful and which have failed and support knowledge transfer from initiatives with a pre-planned cyber-infrastructure to initiatives without one.

If you would like to find out more about our International activities, visit EVO Global Partnerships or contact Prof Doerthe Tetzlaff who is leading this work package.

Prof Doerthe Tetzlaff
University of Aberdeen
E-mail: d.tetzlaff@abdn.ac.uk