EVO National Cloud Services

The aim of the National cloud services work package is to develop and demonstrate the use of cloud services in understanding and quantifying the dominant controls of hydrological and biochemical processes at the national scale.

This work package is developing exemplars at the national scale which improve understanding of catchment form and function through exploitation of data and models within EVO. It is focussing on improving our ability to understand what the dominant characteristics are that best identify hydrological and biogeochemical processes. It is providing a benchmark for our regional capability to answer science questions and policy objectives of national importance.

Deliverables from the work package include:

  • Methods for combining national and regional data sets within cloud service
  • Linked hydrological and biogeochemical models at the regional and national scale within a cloud service

This work package is being led by Dr Jim Freer, Bristol University. Please contact Jim if you would like to know more about this work package.

Dr Jim Freer
University of Bristol
E-mail: jim.freer@bristol.ac.uk