Information for Industry

The water industry requires access to reliable, secure information about the state of the environment. EVO is working to demonstrate the value of cloud technologies in delivering such information.

The water environment in the UK is highly regulated, and the water industry works closely with environmental regulators to ensure that water resources are used in a sustainable manner. At the same time the water industry has to provide dependable, high quality services to a wide range of customers, and return value to their shareholders. Central to all these activities is access to reliable and secure information and data for management and decision making.

A number of EVO initiatives are relevant to the needs of the water industry. These include: 

  • development of environmental data standards to facilitate more effective flow of environmental data,
  • trialing a range of cloud-enabled environmental data management services designed to help users of environmental data, such as the water industry, have more effective access to data
  • working to demonstrate how  environmental data can be served securely in a cloud environment, and
  • development of bespoke on-line environmental data visualisation and modelling tools to support the decision making-process.

Stakeholder participation
EVO is working with a range of partners. However, we are always looking to widen our stakeholder community. Please contact one of the Project Management Team to discuss your interest in cloud applications related to environmental data, models and cloud services.

Prof Bridget Emmett (Ecosystem science lead)
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Bangor

Prof Robert Gurney (Cloud computing and modelling lead)
Environmental Systems Science Centre, University of Reading

Prof Adrian McDonald (Industry science and application lead)
University of Leeds